QueueMetrics Agent Awareness Extension

In high-performance call-center set up, with large and distributed agent groups, high situational awareness by agents is a must. It is also important to have "off band" live communication lines going from supervisor to agent and vice versa.

QueueMetrics addresses this need using a module called Agent Awareness (AGAW).

AGAW is a Firefox/Chrome plug-in that agents can use to see relevant information and stay in touch with their supervisors and , even when they are in a physically different location.

With the AGAW chat they can keep on working with no downtime when speaking to their supervisors. On the other side supervisors can see how the agent and/or the queue is performing and send targeted broadcast messages to their agents. This makes possible to efficiently monitor all agents.

Amongst the many benefits, AGAW offers:
  • A broad range of agent performance metrics that provide immediate behaviour feedback.
  • An available off-band channel (chat) with supervisors or second-line product experts.
  • Targeted administrator broadcast messages, to monitor geographically-dispersed agents.
  • Agent interaction with minimal performance downtime.
  • Agent awareness of call flow and queue statistics.

AGAW Extension is included in the QueueMetrics Pro version, buy it now:

the agaw module

You can also buy the AGAW Extension module as a stand alone add-on for QueueMetrics Regular version, write to sales at loway dot ch for more information.

the agaw module


The Agent Awareness Extension lets your agents see the queue statistics and be informed in real-time about what’s going on and start chat sessions with their supervisors. It’s meant for large-scale distributed call centers where real-time awareness of goals and targets is needed.
It embeds into the Firefox or Chrome browser and does not disrupt the web-based CRM / form agents work on.

Agents Price for 4 Years
Up to 2 agents Free
Up to 10 agents CHF 1000
Up to 20 agents CHF 1800
Up to 50 agents CHF 2500
Up to 100 agents CHF 3500
Up to 200 agents CHF 4500
Up to 400 agents CHF 6500
Up to 9999 agents CHF 9500

* Prices in Swiss Francs (CHF).