What do the fields named UNK and BSY mean?

In the realtime view, there are two fields that may look puzzling: BSY and UNK.
  • BSY is the number of agents that are currently busy on a different queue.
    Like, if you have an agent that is active on queue A and queue B, when he is on conversation in queue A will be counted as BSY on queue B, as he is not actually ready to take calls in queue B.

  • UNK are unknown agents that are speaking on the queue.
    When QueueMetrics tries to determine how many agents are ready for a queue, it takes the total number of known agents and subtracts those who are speaking, those who are on pause and those who are BSY. If an agent shows up in a queue and QM does not know that the agent is working on that queue, the agent is counted in the UNK field.
    If you want to avoid having UNK agents, make sure that your QM agents-on-queue configuration actually matches the underlying Asterisk configuration.

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