Logged-on agents disappear at midnight

If your agents work in shifts around midnight, with a plain QueueMetrics installation you will see that they will "disappear" at midnight from the Realtime screen, as if they logged off, though they will continue receiving calls (and calls they receive will be reported correctly). Calls handled over the midnight (i.e. started before the midnight and ending after the midnight) may seem to have been dropped as well from the realtime screen.

This is because QueueMetrics will consider agent logon information starting from the last midnight, and this arrangement works great for call centers working during the classical 9-to-5 office hours. If you need a different arrangement, you can use a "sliding window" model, where QM will look for information during a time period you define. For example, to set a sliding window of 12 hours, you would set the following property:

#The hour of the day to start real-time monitoring or sXX: sliding window of XX hours

You could also set it to "s18" or "s24" to look back 18 or 24 hours respectively - of course, the longest this period, the more data QM has to process each time.

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