How to monitor multiple queues at once

To monitor multiple queues at just create a composite queue, that is a queue which definition is a set of other queues; they can be inbound, outbound or mixed. To do this, log on as an administration, click on "Edit queues", then fill in the form on the bottom of the page called "Add new queue".

Fill-in the following form fields:
  • Alias is the name you want your composite queue to be shown as in QueueMetrics
  • Queue(s) must be filled with a set of Asterisk queue names separated by the pipe symbol (like A|B|C to monitor queues A, B and C at once)
Save and go back to the home page. Now you are ready to test your composite queue on both historical and real-time reports.

In thisway you can run a report for a composite queue and see the details of a number of queues at once (this is very useful e.g. for real-time monitoring).

We also suggest creating a queue named "00 All" that will always appear as the first in the drop-down queue selection box and will allow easy access to the overall monitoring.

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