The Qloaderd process will stop working at night

The Qloaderd process will send data from a machine's queue_log to a MySQL server. It was designed for maximum safety, so that in case there are connection errors it will try resubmitting the same query over and over, but we noticed that with some versions of the DBI it will not be able to reconnect successfully if the MySQL connection was terminated because of inactivity.

In order to avoid this, you may want to set the inactivity timeout to a very high value, by editing or adding the following variables in the [server] section of your /etc/my.ini file:

interactive_timeout = 2764800
wait_timeout = 2764800

This will avoid MySQL marking the connection as dead when the CC is inactive for may hours.
Starting from version 1.3, Qloaderd will also issue periodical queries every 15 minutes even when there is no activity to avoid this problem.

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