Page encoding problems (Getting "JasperException: Exception parsing file" or "JasperException Error: Cannot read file" errors)

Some JVM's, particularly IBM's, seem to be a bit more picky on page encoding that Sun's. The result is that some pages of QueueMetrics do not get compiled at all, resulting in one of the exceptions above.

If this happens to you, please notify Loway of the pages you are having problems with, so that we can fix them for the next version. There is also a simple workaround that will make the page readable in most cases:
  • Stop QueueMetrics
  • Make a copy of your broken page (in this example we assume it's licence.jsp - copy licence.jsp and call it licence_OLD.jsp)
  • Run the command: iconv --from-code=ISO_8859-1 --to-code=UTF-8 --output licence.jsp licence_OLD.jsp
  • Restart QM
  • See if the culprit page loads

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