How to write internationalized data to the database

If you use an internationalized version of QueueMetrics for a language based on a non-Latin character set, you may find yourself unable to write strings in your own language (e.g. the name of a queue) into QueueMetrics. This is usually not caused by QueueMetrics itself (that is completely UTF-8 compliant) but by the underlying MySQL instance.

In order to make sure that your charset is accepted by your database:
  1. Make sure that MySQL is installed in/for your language.
  2. Run the following commands on all tables of the database but the queue_log table:
    ALTER TABLE `call_status` CHARACTER SET utf8;
    ALTER TABLE `pause_codes` CHARACTER SET utf8;

    This tells the database engine to accept UTF-8 on all storage tables.
  3. Modify the connection string in web.xml so that it ends with:
    This tells the MySQL connector to force UTF-8 encoding when talking to the datbase server.
In our experience this is usually all that is needed to run an Unicode datbase instance.

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