How to use subqueues

If you work in an environment where a single queue is used to service a number of different calling clients, it might be of interest to you to enable subqueues; i.e. to have the queue name rewritten appending a client code at the end, so that you can query them from QueueMetrics as if each client was serviced by a dedicated queue.
You can also use this technique in order to have very few actual queues in your call center but you still want to differentiate callers based on their incoming DID, or the group they belong to.

To set up this feature you should:
  1. Be running qloaderd and being successful in using the MySQL storage in QueueMetrics
  2. Create the new table qlog_opencalls as described in the qloaderd documentation
  3. Enable subqueues changing the file and setting:
    my $use_subqueue = 1;
  4. when you call a queue, you pass the DID code in its URL parameter, e.g.
    exten => s,8,Queue(queue-service|t|1234||180)
  5. When qloaderd picks up the call, it will import it as queuename.code; in the example above, it would import the call as queue-service.1234.
Please note that you should mantain the qlog_opencalls table yourselves, deleting periodically rows with a 'lastUpd' timestamp over one day old and optimizing it as needed.

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