Error: "You do not have the rights to perform the requested action."

While working on the "Agent's page" and trying to log-on, log-off or pause an agent, the following error is displayed in the pop-up window after entering the Agent's code and Extension: "You do not have the rights to perform the requested action."

This means that QM is trying to connect to Asterisk to run that action, but Asterisk refuses the connection. In order to make it work, the following steps should be hand-checked:
  1. Are the connect credentials correct?
    The credentials supplied in the file should look like:
    Check that they match the ones in Asterisk's own /etc/asterisk/manager.conf

  2. Is the dialplan context [queuemetrics] included?
    You can check that by typing the following command in Asterisk:
    asterisk*CLI> show dialplan queuemetrics
    [ Context 'queuemetrics' created by 'pbx_config' ]

    '10' => 1. Answer() [pbx_config]
    2. Wait(10) [pbx_config]

    ..and a lot more stuff here....

    If it's not included, you can find the example file extensions_queuemetrics.conf under QueueMetrics' own README directory - just copy that to /etc/asterisk and #include it in the main dialplan (note: you should review that file before inclusion as it should be customized to fit your environment).

  3. Are you seeing connection attempts?
    If you open the Asterisk CLI, you should see a message when QM connects and disconnects. If you see nothing, there is some setup error (e.g. a firewall) that prevents QM to connect to Asterisk.

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