Handling 'Ghost Calls'

Sometimes calls in Qm seem to go on forever... even if they have been terminated. This may be caused by two reasons:
  1. In some versions of Asterisk, some ways of exiting a queue trace no log
    Mostly on older (1.0 and 1.2) versions of Asterisk, sometimes you discover that exiting a queue in a certain manner (eg a timeout, a transfer) consistently provides no end-of-call log. This makes it impossible for QM to know that the call is over.
  2. Asterisk sometimes randomly "forgets" to trace some end of call.
    This is a problem that happens on most large systems. If this is below 1% of all calls, it should be considered normal. Some installations are almost completely unaffected while others are heavily affected.
While case #1 can be fixed adding some dialplan logic to test the exit status and output a call closure log, case #2 still lingers.

QM handles this problem in two ways:
  • The realtime page can be instructed about "anomalous" calls that will not be displayed if the wait or talk times are too long. This is what default.maxOngoingWaitTime and default.maxOngoingTalkTime are for (as the definition of "too long" varies from call center to call center).
  • Since QM 1.4.5 and when running with a MySQL database, it is possible for certain administrative users to "close" ongoing ghost calls by finding them on the real-time or the historical call list (requires security key CLOSECALLS)
See also Missing records on KeyPress.

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