How to let Agents access the Realtime page

It is possible to let your QueueMetrics agents access the full RealTime page and not just the Agent's page:
  1. Create a new class for agents. You may call it RTAGENTS (Realtime Agents)
  2. Give your agents the following keys: USER AGENT CHPASSWD REALTIME. For the exact meaning of each key, see Appendix II of the User Manual.
  3. Create (or select) some agents and assign them to class RTAGENTS.
Those users will be able to login, access the realtime page, access the agent's page and change password.
If you want your agents to be able to see only a subset of all possible queues through the Realtime page, you should see also:How do I make some queues visible by some users only?.

Please consider that running the realtime page instead of the Agent's page is extremely expensive, computationally speaking, so run a few test before deploying this in a 1000-agent setting.

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