Help! The Real-time page is showing no data!

If the Real-time page will show no data at all - no agents logged on, no calls being processe, you should check the following items:
  • Make sure that reports are showing data
    If they show no data, see this FAQ entry.
  • The time on the Asterisk server is far off from the time on the QM server
    In order for the real-time page to work correctly, the clocks on the Asterisk server, the one on the QM server and the one on the MySQL server must be aligned with a sub-second difference. If this is not so, QM has no way of knowing which calls are in transit and which are terminated.
    In order to check this, there is a label on the Licence page that will show if there are differences between QM and its MySQL server. To assess timing differences from the Asterisk box, try and process a call and then run a report where that call appears and check if the time is correct.

    Luckily, it is trivial to keep the clocks aligned - see this FAQ entry.
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