Why do I get a message "The report exceeds the number of licensed agents"?

This error is displayed when QM senses that there are more than the maximum licensed number of agents in the dataset it is processing.

This may be caused by three reasons:
  1. You have more agents than your license is valid for (and in this case you should purchase an elargement), or
  2. You have less agents than your license is valid for, but agents appear under multiple distinct codes, or
  3. The report covers current and past agents, that in total are more than the licensed number of agents.
Cases #2 and #3 happen if you change your agent codes, or use new agent codes to supplement older ones. From the point of view of QM, each distinct agent code is a unique agent, so it is counted against the license limit.

You can easily check which one is your case by requesting an unlimited demo key and running the same report that displays the error; go to the "Agents on queue" report and count the number of distinct lines that appear there.

What you can do to mitigate this problem:
  • Purchase a larger license key
  • If you changed your agent numbering plan, avoid running reports that overlap both agent sets
  • Try and run reports that do not include more than the licensed agents
  • Edit the dataset manually to use the same code in case the same agent appeared under different codes (e.g. sometimes as Agent/101 other times as SIP/101).

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