After installing the license key, QM does not even start!

You just installed a new QueueMetrics key that you were sent by Loway; after the installation, the whole QueueMetrics webapp seems to be unavailable and displaying an error like the following one:
HTTP Status 404 - /queuemetrics/
type: Status report
message: /queuemetrics/
description: The requested resource (/queuemetrics/) is not available.
Apache Tomcat/5.0.28

This is caused by an invalid or corrupted web.xml file; it prevents the whole webapp from being loaded by the Tomcat container and therefore the webapp is reported as being unavailable.

When you edit the web.xml file, you should make sure that it remains a valid XML document; in order to spot any mistakes, you can check the validity by issuing the following command after every upgrade:
xmllint web.xml
If everything goes well, it should return no errors.

(In case you do not find it on your server, you can install it easily by issuing the command yum install libxml2-devel on Red-Hat basedLinux distributions).

If that don't work try deleting the following file/usr/local/queuemetrics/tomcat/conf/Catalina/localhost/queuemetrics.xmland restarting the queuemetrics service.

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