Can I move the license key when installing a new server?

QueueMetrics licenses are not tied to a specific server; so you can copy yor existing license from one server to another one. Of course you cannot have multiple copies of the same license active at the same time, even on the same server; this goes against the EULA and the licensing terms.

The license manager tries to avoid multiple instances of the same license being active at the same time; they maystop working, block each other and even invalidate the key. This is by design a random behavior, so it is hard to tell in advance what exactly will happen.

In case you need to install and test a different server, what we usually do is that we send you a demo key to do complete the installation; then you turn off the old server, copy the key to the new one and start it. It would be better to remove the key from the old server at all, so you do not risk to turn it on accidentally.

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