Backing up and restoring QueueMetrics

To make a backup of a working QueueMetrics system, you should backup the following items:

  • The QM database by typing:

    mysqldump -uqueuemetrics -pjavadude queuemetrics > database.sql

    File will be located at /root/database.sql

  • The web.xml and files being used (You canfind them under the QM webapp under WEB-INF; if you run a recent version ofQM, just look for the System path entry on the Licence page)

    Files will be located (e.g.) at /usr/local/queuemetrics/webapps/queuemetrics-

  • The queue_log data used for input (it is advisable to this in anycase, even if you use MySQL storage, just to be on the safe side).

    Files will be located: /var/log/asterisk


  • Create an appropriately named database on the target machine and make it accessible to user 'queuemetrics' password 'javadude'
  • Load the file using the mysql command:

    mysql -uqueuemetrics -pjavadude queuemetrics < database.sql

  • Restore web.xml, and under the WEB-INF directory of the new QM instance
  • Then open up GUI window where QueueMetrics is located (e.g. ) and run the DB updater wizard to repair.

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