Moving a QueueMetrics instance to a new server

If you need to move your existing QueueMetrics server to a different host and do not want to lose your current data and configuration, you can do that easily using yum. As a side effect, your system will be updated to the latest version. In this tutorial we expect that the MySQL server was on the old QM server and you want to use a new one on your new server, so you will have to move the database as well. Asterisk may be local on the old server or on a separate server altogether.
  1. Stop any qloaderd running, so the current database is in a stable state
  2. Make a complete backup of your existing system (configuration and database - see below)
  3. Stop the old QueueMetrics instance
  4. Install QueueMetrics using yum on your new server
  5. When it's working (you are able to log in), turn it off
  6. Edit the memory settings for your new system
  7. Overwrite the QueueMetrics database on the new server with the database dump from the old server
  8. Copy web.xml and the various properties files from the WEB-INF/ folder of the old system to the new system
  9. Make sure the access parameters for the database are correct (they usually already are, as the database is searched for on 'localhost')
  10. Start the new QueueMetrics instance
  11. When you connect to the new QueueMetrics, it will sense that the database comes from an older version and will automatically update it, if needed
  12. Edit your qloaderd properties (usually stored in /etc/sysconfig/qloaderd on the Asterisk server) so that it can upload data to the new database
  13. Restart qloaderd
  14. Check that it is able to upload data to the new database (you may need to create a MySQL grant so that qloaderd can connect to the new server)
  15. The new system should be working now!
It is of paramount importance that the new system and the old system are never running at the same time, as this could lead to license deactivation.

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