"Agent status cannot be determined" after logging on

After logging on or off from the agent's page, you still see the agent status as"Agent status cannot be determined".

When QueueMetrics performs an action, what it actually does is to send a commandto Asterisk over AMI as an Originate request, waits a few seconds and and thenreads back the results from the queue_log.

There may be two issues here:
  1. if Asterisk is receiving isn't processing the request, then we have no way of knowing that it hasn't been implemented;
  2. if Asterisk is very slow in processing this request because (for example) it is quite busy, then it is possible that it will take a while for the request to be processed, so when the page reloads, the request may not have been loaded yet.
What we suggest in this case is:
  1. Check on the AMI tester from the DBTEST page whether it is possible for QM to send commands to Asterisk and whether the relevant piece of dialplan is present in Asterisk;
  2. if all is well, you should monitor what Asterisk is doing at the CLI level when you receive a failed log-in/off attempt; whether the agent is actually added to the queue or not and whether the queue_log is updated.

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