How do I enable actions (login, logoff, transfer....) on the Realtime page?

Since QueueMetrics 12.10, the Realtime page lets you perform a set of actions that are sent to Asterisk for processing. These include:
  • Logging agents on and off
  • Pausing and unpausing agents
  • Transferring calls
  • Sending SMS
  • Listening to live calls
If you upgrade from an earlier system, these actions will not usually appear in your RT page - this is because they need three distinct elements:
  1. A security key: each action is enabled by giving your users a specific security key. You should esit the user or class profile and add the required key
  2. A configuration item: the action is possible only if we tell QM that the action is allowed and how to perform it (that is, where is the Asterisk dialplan it should go in order to have the action performed). If you upgrade from an earlier version, you should manually add the configuration items in your All such properties start with "callfile.*"
  3. A dialplan item: the Asterisk dialplan should include an extension (generally in the supplied context named queuemetrics) that actually performs the requested action
Let's see an example: imagine we want to turn on call transfers on an older system.
  1. First we add the key RT_TRANSFERCALL to the Admin class. A list of keys for each feature can be found in the Qm user manual, appendix B: Security keys
  2. Then we add the following configuration item:


    This stanza tells QM that the feature is enabled and that in order to process it is must invoke extension 31@queuemetrics in Asterisk. A list of properties for each feature can be found in the Qm user manual, appendix D. System preferences
  3. The Asterisk dialplan should include a stanza like:
    exten => 31,1,NoOp( " QM: Call redirect ,ade by ${QM_LOGIN} for callID: ${CALLID} to extension ${REDIR_EXT}")
    exten => 31,n,ChannelRedirect(${CALLID},from-internal,${REDIR_EXT},1)
    exten => 31,n,Hangup

    Samples for each possible stanza are found in the extensions_queuemetrics.conf that ships with each version of QM and must be adapted to your local system.
    More details can be found in the Qm user manual, appendix C. The [queuemetrics] context

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