I use FreePBX - why do agents on a call show up with a different name?


When setting up FreePBX, you can tell it to either use the default Extension mode or use the "User & Device" mode. While in Extension mode the user (agent) code and thir extension match, in U&D mode they are independent.

When running in this mode, agents are logged in one way when they join a queue (usually with their extension code) and in a different way (using their user name) when they receive a call. So QueueMetrics sees the equivalent of "Extension 203 logged on at 9:30 and John received a call at 9:31" and cannot natively make sense of it, as it is never logged that extension 203 goes under the name John. That's why you see agents logged under one name and handling calls under a different one.

In order to handle this, QueueMetrics has the concept of "Friendly name", that is a name that you configure on the agent configuration page that will be mapped to the same agent code. So, if you set up a friendly name of "John" for Agent/203, whenever QueueMetrics finds a "John" it will silently rewrite it as Agent/203. This way, calls are attribuited correctly and agent sessions are counted correctly.

You can have multiple friendly names for the same extensions. Just enter them separated by a pipe character. This is needed in case you changed the User name during the period under analysis.

Please note that agent session statistics will be incorrect if you do not set Friendly Names when they are needed. In general, anyway, if you need to keep track of multipl epeople working from the same extension, QueueMetrics Hotdesking mode will be a better approach.

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