What's the difference between Agents and Users in QueueMetrics?

In QueueMetrics you define agents, every agent represent a person in your call center.
You want to define a new agent:

  • Asterisk agent code: agent/321 (this has to follow the pattern: agent/somenumber)
  • Agent description: John Doe (this is the human-readable translation; in your report you'll get the real name, not the agent code)

As well you'll need to define a new user:

  • Login: agent/321 (the same of the agent)
  • Password: password
  • Real name: John Doe
Why we created an user and an agent with the same name?

Users and agents are different in QueueMetrics: a user is an access credential to QueueMetrics, it doesn't have to be an agent, it could be just someone that can run reports or an admin user.
An agent, instead, doesn't need to be necessarily an user; if your agents are static in the queues and always use the same phones, you'd want to define the agents in QueueMetrics just to translate phone codes (e.g. SIP/3321) in a readable name in reports.

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