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Load test of IP PBX Asterisk with WombatDialer

WombatDialer, the scalable, multi-server telecasting platform by Loway Switzerland, has been successfully used to power an IP PBX massive load test.
SoftBCom, Russian IT-services and consulting company, recently performs a direct load test of IP PBX Asterisk on Intel Xeon E5506 Quad-Core CPU. The test was possible thanks to the use of Loway power dialer WombatDialer.

Discover all the details and results of the test reading the full report presentation here: http://www.slideshare.net/vdudchenko/load-test-of-ip-pbx-asterisk

For more about WombatDialer visit: http://wombatdialer.com/requestDemoKey.jsp
For more about SoftBcCom visit: http://softbcom.ru
For free download of the eBook visit: http://loway.ch/ebooks.jsp

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