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Loway announces the release of WombatDialer 16.06


We are proud to announce that our most famous dialer for Asterisk: WombatDialer, exits its "beta" stage and becomes a mature product with version 16.06.

Release 16.06 offers significant improvements to WombatDialer, centered around the GUI evolution and performance increasement.

Our development team did a significant work on the GUI to improve the quality of the daily interaction and many changes in the Real-time page.
With a new feature, the Adaptive Boosting, WombatDialer improves agent utilization by 30-50% over fixed overdialing rates by monitoring recent traffic and applying a statistical model on it.

Also about 100 bugs and minor issues were fixed.

For detailed information please visit the WombatDialer blog.

WombatDialer 16.06 is immediately available, as an RPM archive, a tar.gz archive or a preconfigured Docker image. The updated User Manual can also be found on the Downloads page. If you currently have a licensed WombatDialer system, you can upgrade it for free.

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