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Begin your WombatDialer 30 days trial today


Boost your call-center productivity with the next generation predictive dialer for Asterisk.
WombatDialer is highly scalable, multi-server, easy-to-use and works with your existing PBX.

Used in thousands of contact centers worldwide, it offers a broad range of integrated services and features including:

- Telecasting, telemarketing, voice conferencing and phone interviews
- Automated installation
- High scalability from one to hundreds outbound lines on multiple servers
- Multiple prioritized campaigns in parallel capacity
- Strong real-time monitoring capabilities
- Provides a set of "building blocks" so you can create custom-tailored solutions
- Free e-mail customers support within the license duration period
- Free product updates within the license duration period

And much more...

Begin your free trial today, 30 days full featured new version of WombatDialer available: Free Trial.

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