Loway announces release of QueueMetrics call center suite version 18.04 | QueueMetrics

Loway announces release of QueueMetrics call center suite version 18.04


Loway Switzerland announces the new version of its worldwide renowned monitoring and reporting suite QueueMetrics.

Release 18.04 introduces new features and it is focused on security, data protection and call recordings improvement.
There have been five new reports and over 80 bugs fixed and minor features changed since version 17.06.
New features include Scheduled Jobs, Configuration Synchronizer, Password Encryption, Wallboard Queue Filtering and Agent Page Call Variables.

QueueMetrics 18.04 version is now integrated with CallCabinet for QueueMetrics in order to provide unlimited secure cloud call recordings.
A new pluggable listener module is included in version 18.04. This module allows you to listen to recordings that are being stored remotely, using Atmos CallCabinet for QueueMetrics software.

For more information about QueueMetrics 18.04 visit the press release page at https://www.loway.ch/press-releases.jsp?uid=press-20180425-queuemetrics-release_1804.

QueueMetrics 18.04 supports Asterisk 13, 14 and 15, as well as any previous Asterisk version and all major Asterisk distributions and is available as QueueMetrics-Live Cloud service or On-Premise software package.

Updating from a previous working version of QueueMetrics to version 18.04 is free of charge, simply follow the manual indications at http://manuals.loway.ch/QM_UserManual-chunked/ch02.html#_updating_from_a_previous_version_of_queuemetrics.

For a QueueMetrics trial visit www.queuemetrics.com.

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