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Asterisk in the Contact Centre report 2018 - we need your help!


As you may know in 2014 Loway released the first Asterisk call center client satisfaction survey.

Loway ran the survey as a tool to analyze client satisfaction on existing QueueMetrics users. But things got to be more interesting than expected and the result went on the direction of an overview of the Asterisk call-center industry in 2014.

Now it's time to do it again and Loway needs your precious support:

Which model of PBX is the most used worldwide?

How satisfied are customers and users around the world?

How big are Asterisk call-centers today?

The survey will take 5 minutes only, responses are anonymous and it can give a better perspective and understanding of the industry and market.

Follow the link to access the survey Asterisk in the Contact Centre report 2018.

If you help us, you can sign in and receive a copy of the final survey in October 2018, or remaining anonymous if you prefer.

Loway's team personally want to thank YOU for every second invested in the survey.

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