Benefits of Using QueueMetrics in Your Call Center

Call-center monitoring is accomplished performing three basic processes: measurement, analysis, and feedback collection. This creates a loop of assessment and control based on scientific metrics coming from various forms of analysis and evaluations.

For call center metrics to be effective, statistics and reports must be considered relevant, practical and objective by the call-center center professionals.

Call center managers and professionals benefit from the performance analysis provided by call-centers software suites like QueueMetrics and monitoring is a critical component of all modern call-center CRM.
It helps call-center professionals and customers have pleasant, effective experiences while solving issues. It also boosts consumer's confidence and company's reputation.

Call-center monitoring is an efficient and professional means of ensuring top notch service and guarantee customer loyalty, helping companies to:

  • Grant a consistent level of customer service
  • Elevate candidates who are eligible for advancement
  • Pinpoint areas of concern/success
  • Focus on issues such as call conversion and customer retention
  • Record conversations and evaluate performance and identify directions for improvement

QueueMetrics is a call-center reporting package for Asterisk and Asterisk-based phone systems.

It monitors data from the phone system and produces in-depth reports on call center activities. Also detailed reports on past activity can be produced along with real-time summary screens on current activities, including call-center wall boards, QA and WebRTC functions via integrated softphone.
It can be used to monitor inbound call centers taking calls into queues or outbound call centers or both simultaneously. A single installation can monitor multiple phone systems.

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Professionals running call centers using QueueMetrics have reported the following benefits:

  • It gives instant access to vital statistics from any device with a web browser with no need for any special software or specific "management" PC tool to be installed and maintained.
  • It allows a call-center manager/supervisor to identify busy periods, quiet periods and periods where calls are missed in order to manage staffing levels to be most efficient.
  • It gives detailed information on what the call-center as a whole is doing that can be drilled down to individual agent level.
  • It guarantee that targets, numbers of sales and agent activity can be measured on industry-standard metrics in great detail.
  • It has a simple licensing model and is priced by number of Agents. There are no confusing add-on or hidden extras. No matter how big or small the system is, all features are available.
  • It has a completely free customer support and all the updates are free to download without any additional cost.
  • It runs reports on call center activity, divided by queue and filtered by agent and time period, that show what happened during a specified period (e.g. taken calls, lost calls, agents logging on and off...). Such reports can be run while Asterisk is running, so that you have no delay in seeing what’s going on. You can see the details of call center activity, like each single call that was handled or lost, and listen to it through your web browser.
  • It has a single real-time panel showing call center activity; you’ll see calls being processed by queues and agent activity at the very moment it’s happening. You will be able to listen to your agents' calls as they are being made, and optionally see their screens through a VNC application and contact them through IM.
  • It provides your agents with a web-based interface panel that lets them see their own calls while they’re being handled and optionally launch an external web-app (like a CRM module) as the calls come in; they also can use it to log-on to Asterisk, log off and pause/unpause themselves.
  • It gives agents a Mozilla and Chrome-based system-awareness application, to see in real-time how their performance compares to the queues'.
  • It allows external users, like your clients if you are an out-sourcer or the QA dept if you run an in-house call center, monitor your call center in real-time and see a stripped-down version of the current statistics.
  • It allows tracking of call completion statuses and pause codes, so you can run statistics on the result of your CC activity and on the time used by your agents, keeping track of their ACD and non-ACD time.

And many other amazing features.

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QueueMetrics is meant to be free for smaller installations, that is up to two agents, covering most SOHO’s and passionate Asterisk hackers.
Larger installation can buy a license based on the call-center size; our clients testify (see endorsements page) that the extra insight and control on your operation that QueueMetrics makes possible is well worth its price tag!

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