BitCo, a National Telecommunications Service Provider has been revolutionising business connectivity for over a decade. BitCo builds, maintains and manages their private Fibre Optic and Wireless Last Mile Network which spans across South Africa.

Complete control combined with Quality of Service (QoS) guarantees operational uptime and a Network to optimally service the broad Business Market.

Not only does BitCo Telecoms offer services directly to business, they enable any level of the ICT Channel to maximise their business by leveraging off a Carrier-Grade Fibre and Wireless Network.

Their robust network core is housed in one of SA's foremost Datacentres. Here, they peer directly with the other major operators as well as NAP Africa, JINX, CINX and DINX. They have international breakout in Johannesburg, Kwa-Zulu Natal and Cape Town. This lowers latency, call costs and aids millisecond failover options.

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