digiCONTACTS is a full package of IP telephony solutions. It divides into 3 main areas: digiCONTACTS IPBX, digiCONTACTS Call Center and digiCONTACTS Videoconference and a set of functional modules : incoming calls, virtual secretary, telemarketing, sales force, predictive dialer, CTI, supervisory board and call statistics.

The digiCONTACTS Call Center software is designed for call centers and commercial units to help them to manage their call campaigns (incoming calls / outgoing calls).

digiCONTACTS Call Center automates outgoing calls and offers tools for implementation of camapigns and reporting calls. Its predictive engine increases the efficiency of your agents and consequently that of your customer relationships. digiCONTACTS Call Center allows you to manage your telemarketing campains. Our Call Center software includes: a predictive engine, an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD), an Interactive Voice Response (IVR), a shared web browsing, and more.

We chose QueueMetrics because it is a high-level professional solution. With QueueMetrics, we can provide our customers quick and detailed information on managing their queue. QueueMetrics is a powerful reporting tool.

For more information visit digicontacts.net

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