Exabar Telecom

For over 10 years Exabar Telecom has been providing reliable Hosted VoIP Services and Cloud Based IP PBX solutions to businesses and call centers. Exabar has 100's of loyal satisfied customers and is proud to be an upstanding member of the Better Business Bureau.
Exabar's VoxECall Hosted IP PBX provides all the features one would expect to receive from a Fortune 500 Class phone system at a fraction of the cost. Whether you have one office or multiple offices spread across the United States, all your locations/remote workers can be connected to your VoxECall hosted VOIP Phone System. Exabar can help your company and/or Call Center attain the huge productivity boost and significant costs savings that comes with properly deployed Call Center Software Tools and Unified Communications service.
Interested in learning more about how Loway's outstanding Call Center Products (QueueMetrics, AGAW, Wombat Dialer, Etc.) can benefit your business or Call Center? Contact the professionals at Exabar Telecom today for a free initial consultation/visit. Exabar looks forward to visiting with you soon!

For more information visit www.exabar.com

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