Introducing QueueMetrics Icon

The all-new QueueMetrics Agent Page

Released June 2014

We are pleased to introduce to you QueueMetrics Icon - the all-new QueueMetrics Agent Page.

We designed the new agent interface in order to provide users with the best usability combined with an innovative and minimalistic design based on the interactions with only one icon, on a completely clean panel layout.

Using Icon, agents can operate all call-center functions with only one control icon.

We put several new exciting features in our new creation.

First, we embedded controls on the page into draggable and resizable panels for each activity. This ensures that only the options actually in use are shown on the page, so that the work environment remains uncluttered and efficent.

Following the generalized trend towards WebRTC, we integrated an innovative embedded soft-phone that allows agents to receive and originate calls without an external SIP phone. So you can provision new agents with only a modern browser and a pair of earphones - nothing to install on their workstations.

The page is built to easily embed your web-based CRM system and your intranet applications, and to switch quickly between different work contexts (queues, calls, CRM, and so on) using keyboard shortcuts to control all the panels.

Here is a summary of the new features:

  • A workspace with draggable and resizable windows for each main activity.
  • Integrated WebRTC soft-phone.
  • Total integration with an external CRM and custom web pages.
  • Easier, intuitive queue login/logout and pause/unpause procedure.
  • Customizable agent display layout with sessions persistence.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for all the panels.

We are sure you will enjoy all of these!

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