Video Tutorials

Experience what the QueueMetrics call-center suite can offer to your business through a selection of the best video tutorials available on the web.

Cómo instalar QueueMetrics call-center Monitor

El video demuestra como instalar, configurar y utilizar QueueMetrics en meno de 10 minutos.
También se muestra como solicitar la clave de prueba gratuita de 30 días para poder utilizar el software sin cargos y con todas las funcionalidades activas habilitadas.

Introduciendo la nueva suite de Queuemetrics versión 15 Elastix Webinar

The new Elastix webinar introducing the Asterisk QueueMetrics call center suite version 15 is available in video format, Spanish language.

Loway Reseller Partner Program 2015

Loway has successful partner relationships with the best call-center solutions vendors and integrators worldwide.
Whether you’re value added reseller, integrator or just work with companies that have Asterisk based contact-centers, we can enable you to improve your business, your portfolio and find the right solution for your clients.

The Icon Agent Page

We are pleased to present you QueueMetrics Icon - the all-new QueueMetrics Agent Page WebRTC enabled.
We designed the Icon interface in order to provide users with the best usability combined with an innovative design based on the interactions with only one icon.
Using Icon, you can operate all call-center functions with only one control icon.

Discover all the exciting features in this new video tutorial.

The Real-Time page

This video is a walk-through of the new QueueMetrics Realtime page that ships with QueueMetrics 12.05.

Topics covered:

  • Overview of the Realtime page.
  • The Control Table.
  • The Top Status panel.
  • Calls being processed.
  • Agents currently logged in.
  • Administrator page controls.
  • Exporting data from the page.

QueueMetrics AGAW introduction

This video provides information about QueueMetrics' Agent Awareness (AGAW) extension.

Topics covered:

  • What is AGAW.
  • AGAW browser clients.
  • Setting AGAW Alarms.
  • Administrator Status page.

AGAW installation

This video is a walk-through of an AGAW installation on QueueMetrics 12.04.

Topics covered:

  • Prerequisites.
  • AGAW key installation.
  • Restarting the AGAW server.
  • AGAW queue configuration, data displayed and alarms.
  • Setup of AGAW Client on Firefox.
  • Broadcast messages.

AGAW Client for Chrome

This video shows an AGAW Client installation on Chrome 18.x.

Topics covered:

  • Installation from Home page.
  • AGAW Client settings.

QueueMetrics Licence page

This video shows information related to the QueueMetrics Licence page.

Topics covered:

  • Complete overview of the License page.
  • AGAW client installation.
  • New license key installation.
  • End-user Licence Agreement.
  • System state overview.
  • QM purchasing and support details.

Installing QueueMetrics using Espresso

This video shows a basic QueueMetrics installation using Espresso.
Though the video displays an Elastix system, automatic configuration through Espresso will work in exactly the same way on most versions of Elastix, FreePBX distro, TrixBox CE, PBX-in-a-Flash and AsteriskNOW.

Topics covered:

  • Complete installation and preconfiguration using Espresso.
  • Loading of data from Asterisk.
  • Installation of a license key.
  • User creation for logging Agents on.
  • A very quick tour of the system.

Basic QueueMetrics installation

This video shows a basic QueueMetrics and qloaderd installation on a CentOS-based system like Trixbox or Elastix.

Topics covered:

  • Installation using yum.
  • Installation of Qloaderd.
  • Configuration of QM to access MySQL storage.