Music on Hold Tracking

Why do you need Music-on-Hold tracking?

One of the questions you may have when analyzing your call-center performance is: how much time did our agents put the caller on-hold? This is an important proxy of the quality of the service you offered, as long (or frequent) time on-hold is a symptom of problems when handling a call. QueueMetrics does provide metrics about time on hold; the problem is that, as this piece of information is not provided natively from the Asterisk queue subsystem, it used to be complex to set up your Asterisk PBX to provide this information. The process has been simplified with the later versions of the Uniloader service.

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QueueMetrics 19.04 WebRTC Softphone Tutorial


Since QueueMetrics 19.04, QueueMetrics offers a stable WebRTC softphone based on the JsSIP library. This softphone can be used by agents, through the QueueMetrics Realtime Agent Page, or by supervisors and administrators through the Wallboard Page.
This new feature allows agents to work without the need for a physical phone, while supervisors can monitor calls in realtime without leaving the wallboard page.

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Troubleshooting: Accessing call recordings in QueueMetrics

QueueMetrics Call-Center suite for Asterisk

QueueMetrics is a highly scalable monitoring and reporting suite that addresses the needs of thousands of contact centers worldwide and offers a broad range of integrated benefits like agent productivity monitoring, target measurement, conversion rates tracking, realtime campaign statistics analysis and an easy to use interface. It’s available on premise or as a cloud hosted solution service.

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Troubleshooting: Sending commands to the PBX

Sending commands to the PBX

If you are trying to send commands to the PBX through QueueMetrics, but nothing happens, there is probably an issue with the AMI connection between QueueMetrics and the PBX.

The AMI Interface

Asterisk offers an external command interface called AMI “Asterisk Manager Interface”. QueueMetrics takes advantage of this interface to send commands to the PBX in different situations, for example to log an agent on a queue.

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Troubleshooting: QueueMetrics Agents setup

QueueMetrics Agents setup

This tutorial follows the steps one needs to take to ensure that the agents in QueueMetrics are correctly setup, depending on the PBX configuration.

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Troubleshooting: Sending data to QueueMetrics

Sending data to QueueMetrics

If you are not seeing any data in QueueMetrics, usually the main reason is that QueueMetrics is not receiving any data. If QueueMetrics is not receiving any data, it’s highly probable that Uniloader is not working correctly. Uniloader is a service that needs to be installed on the PBX machine. This service continuously scans the queue_log file, where Asterisk writes information about what’s happening on the various queues in your call center.

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Dimensioning QueueMetrics Call Center Suite

Dimensioning a QueueMetrics system

QueueMetrics is not an especially resource-hungry application and is built to be quite thrifty, but as a tool that can be used in multiple ways and to run possibly very large reports, it is sometimes needed to do a little analysis beforehand. While actual numbers depend heavily on the specific usage patterns, there are some general guidelines one can follow in dimensioning. To dimension a system you will need:
  • The number of agents that will be accessing the system concurrently
  • The number of expected calls per day you expect to analyze
  • Whether you will be using API calls to power external systems.

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IVR: The Call Center Warm-Up Band

by Allison Smith @voicegal

You Wouldn’t Want Just Anyone to Warm Up Your Audience, Would You?

I have never attended a concert where the warm-up band wasn’t completely, 100% suited to the main act. Warm-up bands are chosen for their similarity, their cohesiveness, and their compatibility with the headliner. No headlining band allows just any unknown applicant to be their warm-up band. That starting act has to set the tone for what the mainstage act will be like.

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