A monitoring and reporting system is the most important component of any modern call center such as measurement of agents performances and customer satisfaction is the key strategy for success. Balancing all internal elements that shape the ecosystem of an Asterisk PBX based contact centre relies on accuracy and precision of reports. An efficient call center management improves performances by more than 100%, while improving overall customers’ satisfaction.

Monitoring, reporting and improving performances is the bread and butter of QueueMetrics suite.

The functional field of QueueMetrics software divides into four categories: Reporting, Supervisor page, Agent page and Quality assessment.


QueueMetrics collects data from the Asterisk PBX QueueLog and generates reports for over 150 metrics, including:

  • when the call came in and who answers
  • who initiates a call, process it and on which queue
  • waiting times before the caller was connected to an agent and time needed to process it
  • number of attempts that caller has made before connection
  • how and why the call ends
  • what number was dialed
  • amount of successful and failed calls
  • maximum, minimum, average and total waiting time, as well as related data on service quality
  • call breakdown by agents, by dialed numbers, transferred calls by internal numbers, by queues, by direction, by position number in a queue, by choices taken in IVR
  • time on hold stats after connection, by agent, by country, region codes and dialed subscribers
  • starting and finishing times of agent sessions, time of entering or leaving the pause and reason of it.

Supervisor page

With QueueMetrics a supervisor tracks data on queues, calls and agents’ performance in real time, including:

  • incoming calls with phone numbers, waiting times, conversation time and engaged agents
  • agents’ status (available, busy, on pause), time of last connection to a queue, last call and name of it
  • add and remove agents from queues
  • listen to agents conversations
  • send instant messages to agents
  • open and view an agent’s desktop remotely.

Agent page

QueueMetrics Icon agent page is a workstation where agents track incoming calls, connect to queues, disconnect for a break, enter any information about calls using CRM and applications (contractor card, client reference, etc.), including:

  • call starting, waiting and conversation time
  • caller and internal number where the call was transferred
  • automatically or manually open a connected interface page in the local CRM system
  • join or leave a queue, switch to pause mode, select a pause indicator (Lunch, Service Break, etc.), initiate an outgoing call, dial a number using a built-in soft-phone, as well as view his or her current status.

Quality Assessment

QueueMetrics allows for a full-scale automated quality control of agents’ workflow and set of metrics definition for call grading. Supervisors create forms containing adjustable criteria for subjective quality control, like for example:

  • how friendly an agent was with a customer
  • how useful the agent’s answers were
  • agent follow up of corporate standards while processing a call
  • amount and duration of processed calls
  • number of missed calls
  • call results And many other criteria.

QueueMetrics is designed for call centers built on cluster servers and employing over one thousand agents, easily integrating with all Asterisk distributions (including FreePBX, Elastix etc.).

Try QueueMetrics today with a free 30 days full featured trial QueueMetrics

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