Tracking agent extensions for outbound dialing

When you do outbound calling, it's easy to track the extension that is doing outbound calling. It would be nice to match the agent that is logged on to that extension.
To do this, we must store the current agent's estension in a global variable:
exten => 2000,1,Answer
exten => 2000,2,NoOp( "QM: Logging on Agent/${AGENTCODE} to extension ${AGENT_EXT}@from-internal" )
exten => 2000,3,AgentCallBackLogin(${AGENTCODE}||${AGENT_EXT}@from-internal)
exten => 2000,4,Set(AGENTE_${AGENT_EXT}=${AGENTCODE}|g)
exten => 2000,5,Hangup

When you need to dial out you do:
exten => _7.,1,Set(MY_QUE=300)
exten => _7.,n,Set(MY_NUM=${EXTEN:1})
exten => _7.,n,Set(MY_AGENT=${AGENTE_${CALLERID(num)}})
exten => _7.,n,NoOp,Ag: ${MY_AGENT} N: ${MY_NUM} Q: ${MY_QUE}

This way it works easily.

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