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The Asterisk Call-Center Satisfaction Survey 2014 is out!

We are glad to announce the release of our first call-centre customer satisfaction survey as a free eBook.

According to our corporate philosophy that binds accurate data measurement to relevant business improvements, we sent to the customers a survey about the usage of Asterisk and QueueMetrics for their daily needs in call-centers management, analysis and statistics.

This was done to assess the perceived needs of existing customers so that we could prioritize future improvements. This is the first professional case study of its kind reported in the contact-center industry for installations based on Asterisk technologies.
Data collection for the survey was done in the period of October and November 2013 and treated as an anonymous online form. We did not collect personal information on respondents and didn't offer any prize or giveaway in order to avoid biasing the sample in our favour.

Free download here.

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