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QueueMetrics call-center suite version 14.10

We are pleased to announce that QueueMetrics version 14.10 is now available for download.
Release 14.10 offers significant improvements to the QueueMetrics call-center suite package.

QueueMetrics version 14.10 is focused around three main themes:
  • Improving the usability by implementing a series of suggestions for changes that came as feedback on the Icon page, plus a number of changes that make the experience generally smoother.
  • Improving the deployability by leveraging and extending the new JSON API, having a command-line updater tool and by having a new, HTTP-only data loader that does not require a direct connection to the QueueMetrics database. This makes deploying large numbers of cloud QueueMetrics instances easier. Plus, a number of configuration defaults were updated and the sample database includes a better sample QA form.
  • Fixing a number of bugs and issues that would annoy users. The most important is that call attempts are now filtered correctly and that listening to audio files with "weird" characters in them should "just work".
QueueMetrics 14.10 fully supports the upcoming Asterisk 13, that will be the core Asterisk LTS release coming in the next months, as well as all other Asterisk versions.

Discover all the changes in the section "What's new QueueMetrics 14.10" of our website and let us know your thoughts and suggestions for future improvements: http://manuals.loway.ch/QM_WhatsNew-chunked/ch10.html

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