Modern contact centers shares challenges of the biggest contemporary service providers. Continuous grow in revenue, quality, and efficiency while costs must be kept in rigid control within articulated and complex structures.

Quality of services means satisfied customers included fast delivery, and precise understanding of their needs.

Traditional softwares were built using on-premises platforms with consequent demand for frequent upgrades and mainteinance. Moving to a cloud solution is the best way to achieve several strategic benefits:

  • Cost reduction
  • Fast deployment and ease of integration
  • Scalability
  • No maintenance expenses

Cost reduction and low investments.

Cloud solutions don’t need upfront expenses for deployment. They are based on a pay as-you-go business model. You choose and pay only for what you need.

Fast and easy deployment.

On-premise solutions needs a complete IT infrastructure with hardware and software for installation and set up. An hosted solution is quick to be deployed as the service is offered via an Internet connection used to access the services of the provider.


The advantage of an hosted contact center solution is that operations can be scaled up and down simply taking or releasing online resources. While on-premise solutions require additional hardware components to handle an increased or decreased workflow.

No maintenance.

Customers access the cloud services via secure SSL connection as a result of an authentication. The provider does all the maintenance, the updates and backups, freeing up time and resources for other tasks.

With Loway’s QueueMetrics-Live cloud solution for Asterisk PBX, you can forget about costs of hardware and software maintenance, upgrades, updates and backups. Enabling the quick change and precise control demanded in today’s dynamic call center market.

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