In this new case history, Xin Ye, Managing Director of OCO InfoComm, tells us about his experience using QueueMetrics and his company expertise to implement a complex and stable IVR without incurring the huge cost involved with using legacy systems.

OCO InfoComm QueueMetrics Experience

In 2015, our organization was approached by a government linked company in Singapore to assist with implementing a complex IVR system for their membership hotline.
They could not implement it with their legacy phone system because the cost was astronomically high and the client was unsure on the reliability of the Asterisk PBX.
To help convince the clients of the reliability of the system, we presented numerous solutions that we have developed in the past and provided them with an extensive list of client reference.
Upon receiving the approval from our client, our team immediately set on a 3 months fact finding journey with the client. Upon understanding all their requirements, we developed an IVR system that is fully integrated with their CRM, Member database, Rewards Points system, SMS and Email system, at 1/5 of the cost of their legacy system.

QueueMetrics was used as the monitoring and reporting system.

The result was phenomenal with the client shifting over 15% of their calls to IVR self-help and therefore enabled them to achieve large saving on human resource cost.
Also, QueueMetrics system allowed the client to view usage data on all IVR options and thus they were able to use that data to continue evolving the IVR system to ensure that it stays relevant and effective.
The key to the success of this project is the ability of our team to integrate the CRM to both their and Microsoft Dynamics. This ensures that all data pulled from the CRM is fast and accurate.
As with all solutions, once the user was sure of the reliability, adoption rate climbed at an impressive rate over 6 months.

This project would not have been possible without our extensive experience in Asterisk and the stability of the platform that QueueMetrics provided us.

The entire excercise shows it is indeed possible to implement a complex and stable IVR without incurring the huge cost involved with using legacy system like Avaya.


OCO InfoComm is a Singapore based company that specialized in providing IP PBX and Call Center solutions to the clients. Its team of engineers has over 10 years of experience in developing complex IP PBX for both MNC, Contact Centers and Government Agencies.

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