Discover in this new tutorial how to automatically track normal outbound calls with QueueMetrics call-center software for Asterisk PBX.
We will guide you step by step through the several benefits of using the new outbound call tracking feature of QueueMetrics’ Uniloader in your daily call center management.

The Wombat Financial Agency provides different types of financial services to their customers.
The financial advisors often need to contact their clients and the firm needs a simple way to keep track of all the phone expenses that are generated by the business.

Since it’s not an organized outbound campaign, there’s no need for differentiated outbound queues or for a needlessly complicated structure.
What the firm needs is the simplest solution possible that allows it to track the various calls related to the different extensions.

In this tutorial we will take a look at how to automatically track normal outbound calls with QueueMetrics, using the outbound call tracking feature of Uniloader.

First of all let’s make sure that the UniTracker settings file allows for the tracking of outbound calls. The settings file is usually located at



We need to make sure that ENABLEOUTBOUND is set to 1.

Now we create a queue named “q-outbound”.


Now, when we make a call from the extension, it will be correctly tracked as a call belonging to the queue “q-outbound”, as we can see from the Real-Time Page.


UniTracker will use “q-outbound” as default queue name for all the calls: in case you need a different name, or want to group calls under different queues (e.g. a queue for calls made by sales agents and one for support) you can set an “account code” in their extension, in your PBX settings. When the extension has an account code, this will be used by UniTracker as queue name (with “q-“ in front, e.g. if the account code is “sales” the queue name will be “q-sales”) fot that call instead of the default “q-outbound”.

What happens is, as soon as QueueMetrics realizes that the PBX is making a call from that extension, it tracks it as if the call is being made on the queue with the name similar to the extension’s account code.
If an agent is logged in with that extension in hotdesking mode, QueueMetrics automatically logs the agent on the outbound queue, allowing the correct tracking.
If no agent is using that extension, it tracks the call by treating the extension as un unknown agent with the same name as the extension.


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For more information about QueueMetrics call center solution please refer to the User Manual.

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