Are you looking for a way to easily track your call center agents’ session times, in order to produce accurate payroll records? Are you having trouble figuring out how to differentiate between payable and non payable pauses for your workers? If your answer is yes then keep reading.


QueueMetrics is a highly scalable monitoring and reporting suite that addresses the needs of thousands of contact centers worldwide and offers a broad range of integrated benefits like agent productivity monitoring, target measurement, conversion rates tracking, realtime campaign statistics analysis and an easy to use interface. It’s available on premise or as a cloud hosted solution service.


In this tutorial we will see how to enable the Payroll Reports feature, briefly explaining it’s various functions.

First of all, to enable payroll reports for a user, you must make sure the user holds the user key PAYROLL. If the user holds the correct key you should be able to see the option Run Payroll Reports on the left part of the Homepage.


If we open the payroll report page we can see a simple menu, where we can specify the time period for our report, select a particular location, agent group and supervisor.


If we launch the report we will see the payroll results. We have a time period recap on the top, an export button and a table containing all of the payroll related information.


Mainly we can see the agent’s name, the number of sessions in the selected period of time, the number of pauses and three time values. These values are the following.

  • Total Duration: basically the sum of all the various session durations.
  • Net Billable: the sum of all the various session durations minus the time spent during non billable pauses.
  • Net Payable: the sum of all the various session durations minus the time spent during non payable pauses.

This report can be exported in ADR format, for further use with accounting softwares.

Now, if you click on an agent’s name, you can access the Agent Detail page.

Agent Detail


In this page we can see a table containing the details of all agent’s sessions and pauses. For both we can see the Start time and End time, together with the duration, if looking at a session, or the pause code and billability and payability if looking at the pauses.

The user also has the possibility to leave a note below for future reference.

By clicking on the edit symbol (pencil icon), the user can manually edit session records. This can only be done if the user holds the key QLOG_EDIT. All the changes made through this editor will be logged.

Edit Agent Sessions


You can change the length of agent sessions manually. In order to be able to do this, agent sessions must be well-formed and agents must use “Agent/xxx” channels. An agent session is considered well-formed if:

  • At list one line with one of the Agent logon verbs is to be found at the time stamp that is given as the start of the session
  • A line with one of the logoff verbs is to be found at the time stamp that that is given at the end of the session and having the same partition ID as the at least one starting line found

The session editing function is to be considered deprecated and will be removed in later versions.

QueueMetrics References

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