In this tutorial you will learn how to easy configure queues and agents in QueueMetrics call center manager software, using the Synchronizer module functionality.


The Synchronizer module is a functionality which goal is to assist the user in configuring QueueMetrics’ queues and agents. What the module does is the following:

  • Reads a QueueMetrics configuration from a defined source.
  • Reads QueueMetrics’ current configuration
  • Compares the two configurations, producing a list of actions that, if executed, will change the current configuration into the desired one.
  • Presents these actions to the user, who can then review them and eventually enable/disable them.
  • Execute all the enabled actions at the end of the review process.


The Synchronizer module can read configurations from the following sources:

  • Queue log file.

  • Agents.conf and queues.conf files.

  • AMI connection with one or many Asterisk PBXs.


Read Configuration

Once a source is selected, the Synchronizer module will start analyzing it. When finished, it will present the user with the configuration data read from the source.


The Synchronizer will then inspect QueueMetrics’ Database and properties and determine the current QM configuration. When the reading is complete it will compare the new configuration with the current one, producing a series of actions that will transform the present configuration in the new one the user selected.


These actions will then be presented to the user, who can decide to enable/disable some of these actions. When the user is done, the Synchronizer will start applying the actions that were allowed and QueueMetrics configuration will be transformed in the desired one.



For more information on QueueMetrics synchronizer check out QueueMetrics Manual Chapter 11.28 QueueMetrics configuration Synchronizer.

QueueMetrics References

For more information about QueueMetrics call center solution please refer to the User Manual.

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