Sending data to QueueMetrics

If you are not seeing any data in QueueMetrics, usually the main reason is that QueueMetrics is not receiving any data. If QueueMetrics is not receiving any data, it’s highly probable that Uniloader is not working correctly.

Uniloader is a service that needs to be installed on the PBX machine. This service continuously scans the queue_log file, where Asterisk writes information about what’s happening on the various queues in your call center.

QueueMetrics needs that information to monitor your call center, that is why the Uniloader service continuously checks the queue_log file for new information, and sends it to the QueueMetrics Database.

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Checking if QueueMetrics is receiving data

To check if QueueMetrics is receiving data, you need to open the DB Inspector page under System Diagnostic Tools in QueueMetrics’ homepage.

If you are receiving data, you will see various records like these:


If no data is being sent, you will see no records, like this:


Check if Uniloader is running

To check if Uniloader is running, open a terminal to the PBX machine, then run the following command:

ps fax | grep uniloader

If you see something like this, then Uniloader is running:


If Uniloader is not running instead, you will see something like this:


If Uniloader is running, but you are not getting any data on QM, check that the information in the uniloader configuration file, usually located at


is correct.


If Uniloader is not running, check the same configuration file and make sure the data is correct. Once you are sure that the configuration is correct, start Uniloader with the following command.

service uniloader start

or, if you are using systemctl

systemctl start uniloader

Uniloader is not installed on the system

If Uniloader is not installed on the PBX machine, please install it by following the instructions at:

QueueMetrics References

For more technical information about QueueMetrics call center solution please refer to the User Manual.

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