QueueMetrics call center suite generates analytical and historical reports collecting data from your Asterisk PBX. It covers all the key categories required for an effective call center management: reporting, supervising, agent page and quality assessment.

QueueMetrics Quality Assessment (QA) module lets you:

  • Define a set of metrics to be used for call grading
  • Have the QA team grade calls while they’re being processed or from historical recordings
  • Run complete reports by queue and by agent.

This second tutorial covers the main aspects of the grading process and performance tracking.

You can read HERE the first part of the article if you are not familiar with it yet.

Grading calls

Now we will see the most effective way to choose calls to grade.


When analysts do this manually, they will often end up choosing a biased set of calls:

  • Issues: “interesting” calls
  • Short or long calls
  • First or last calls of set.

The best solution is to create a specific and well defined policy; for example:

  • By call outcome - e.g. all calls marked as sale
  • By agent group - e.g. new hires get a percentage of their calls answered.

Then use the Grader’s page and its weighted random sampling feature in order to find efficient sets of calls to be graded.


The Grading page

From this page you can generate random samplings in call space or select preferred calls matching multiple criteria. Multiple Quality Analysts can also work on the same issue at once if needed, by being aware of which calls other analysts graded. You can set target criteria and build a first effective line of defense against quality issues.

The Training And Coaching Page

This page is the main access point for sending CBTs and Meeting (also named Coaching) tasks to an agent or a set of agents. It’s based on a three-step wizard where the list of users are defined in the first two steps and the proper CBT or Meeting tasks are sent in the third step.

Agents selection starts by several search criteria.

Looking at the list of agents, a single agent can be selected by clicking on their related checkbox, while all agents in the list can be selected by clicking on the checkbox placed on the header of the list.

Performance tracking

Long-term agent performance management is a must for modern call centers. Agents need to be managed in order to work effectively.

You need to track:

  • Performance targets
  • Quality policies
  • Agents that needs training
  • The agent lifecycle (untrained → just trained → fully trained)

We suggest the following routine for best management:

  • Training - the agent takes courses, CBTs, etc.
  • Validation period - the agent starts working
  • Review - is the agent behaving according to policies?
  • Production
  • Periodic Review - is the agent still behaving correctly?

With the help of our performance tracking system, you can set up different criteria:

  • Comprehensive Performance Rules:
    • Performance
    • Sales, SPH
    • Contacts
    • Call duration
    • Averages
    • Anomalies
    • Quality results


Red and yellow alarms with relative importance scores can be also added to your reports.

Finally the Performance tracker lets you:

  • Apply Performance rules and find anomalies

  • Send training and coaching

  • Move agents between groups

  • Be reminded for further review


Final note and References

For more information about the QA and QueueMetrics reports read the rich QueueMetrics documentation in Chapter 13 of the User Manual.

Visit www.queuemetrics.com for a 30 days full featured trial.

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